What if we saved oysters by eating them?

Here in France, the holidays are synonymous with champagne, foie gras and raw oysters (known as huitres) a seasonal favorite.  It’s around this time of year that cafés start serving up the oysters on ice, tempting even the chilliest of passerbys.  As you may know, raw oysters are praised for their health benefits as they are incredibly rich in iron, zinc and magnesium — all essential nutrients especially during cold and flu season.  When I think of oysters, I think of the holidays.

Now, thanks to @USRealityCheck on Twitter, I discovered this article about “oyster recycling” going on in the Chesapeake bay.  Instead of throwing out used oyster shells,the Oyster Recovery Partnership collects them from restaurants and returns them to the Chesapeake Bay, to provide “homes” for new oysters.  In addition to being delicious and healthy, oysters are essential filters in bodies of water, a single oyster can filter up to 4 gallons in 1 hour!  In 2010, some 60,000 shells helped provide dwellings for some 450 million oysters.

I wonder if a similar initivative exists in France?

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