What if we (re) learned to wait?

After abolishing space, new technologies have abolished time.  Ubiquity, allowed by transportation, telephone and Internet has come to a climax with Twitter, offering everything, right away, here and now—at the risk of losing oneself in the absolute instantaneousness.  As the urbanist Paul Virilio has stated: “How can we live here, if all is now?”  Yet, there are still benefits to knowing how to wait.  This benefit was shown some 40 years ago by Stanford professor, Walter Michel, creator of the “Marshmallow Test”.  The idea is simple: put a 4 year old child in front of a marshmallow and propose the following: either eat the candy right away, or wait and in 12 minutes, you’ll have a second one.  Hidden cameras (below) show the fantastic strategies of temptation resistance employed by various participants. It seems that the adage of “good things come to those who wait” is truer than ever!


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