What if we preserved old (and funny) words?

I found about this fantastic initiative thanks to @brainpicker who tweeted an excellent blog article on this topic.

As some of you may know, in my native country of France, we’re very passionate about the French language.  Our illustrious Académie Française is the authority on the preservation and modernization of French.

When I read about the Save the Words website on the Brain Pickings blog, I was reminded a bit of the French academy.  Unlike the academy, the website is fun, accessible and a little silly.  Created by the Oxford English Dictionary in an effort to preserve the quarter million words in the English language (only 7,000 of which are regularly used), the website offers an engaging interface perfect for any office procrastinator.

I quickly learned some new vocabulary words, such as

Molrowing: to make merry with prostitutes.

Oporopolist: a fruit seller.

Drollic: relating to puppetry or puppet shows

I so enjoyed learning these old, rare words that I signed up for the “word-a-day” email.  This new vocabulary will surely impress my English-speaking colleagues who will feel very bonifate (read: lucky) to know someone so well spoken!

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