What if we played Farmville for real?


If you think that FarmVille or Harvest Moon is the best you can get in farming games, then get ready for MyFarm, the project of the British farmer Richard Morris.  MyFarm will allow 10,000 “internet farmers” the chance to manage a real live farm in England.  According to Morris, despite the runaway successes of farming games, people are disconnected with the food they eat.  To get involved in MyFarm, you simply can buy a share of Morris’s farm located on Wimpole Estate, near Cambridgeshire (see below) — the MyFarm farmers make decisions pertaining to every aspect of the farm, from livestock to crops to machinery.  The goal is for the farm to be profitable and sustainable.  If being a MyFarmer is a bit too much for you, you can follow Farmer Morris (@farmermorris) on Twitter and live vicariously through their work!


Check out the ad for MyFarm starring a miscast FarmVille cow!


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