What if we packaged baby carrots like Cheetos?

Thanks @Fouapa for attracting my attention to this new campaign led by a “A bunch of Carrot Farmers” who, according the campaign’s website aim to: “make carrots the most demanded and universally loved food on earth”.  A pretty tall order for a vegetable so often associated with Bugs Bunny and vaguely healthy crudité platters!

The farmer collective has decided to go about this problem by packaging carrots like junk food.  I love the “cheetos” style chip bag packaging for the veggies.  On their website, www.babycarrots.com, there is even an iPhone game (see the below demo) and a web series (that is currently in “teasing” phase).  The full campaign (done by Crispin) will début on September 10th, while waiting, do check out the website, which is really quite well done.  This could be the biggest revolution in popularizing carrots since Capitain Vegetable!



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