What if we lived forever, online?

We’ve all heard that the dead live on in our hearts, but now, more than ever, the dead live on, online. Although it is moving (and at times morbid) to see a deceased friends’ Facebook account transforming into a permanent memorial, the larger question of managing our online personalities after we pass is still unresolved.

Today in Techcrunch, I read an excellent article about memorial websites, and one in particular that launched today called 1000memories.  1000memories is not an answer to the question of dormant Facebook and Twitter accounts of the deceased.  Rather, it provides a space for the bereaved to commemorate the dead. With areas for pictures, stories and a guestbook, 1000memories is a step above a makeshift Facebook memorial.  What’s more, it’s completely free of charge—one less expense to worry over.

We’ll probably be seeing more and more of these types sites as time goes by, and we’ll end up finding ways to manage social networking accounts of the deceased (digital executors, anyone?)—for now, all we can do is follow the advice of the Blue Oyster Cult: Don’t fear the reaper (see below).


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