What if we liberated our ideas?

Back from a meeting in London, I am taking advantage of time in the Eurostar to finish my upcoming book L’idée qui tue (“The Killer Idea”, in English) before sending it off to my publisher.  My only regret is that the examples I use in my book will become dated with time—and yet, everyday I see ideas that are nonconformist, fresh and that go against conservative and conventional thought.  This is why I decided to use this blog as a modest contribution to the great breeding ground that is the Internet.  I believe that Internet is the very source of inspiration for great ideas.  The idea behind this blog? Little and big “disruptive” ideas that call into question the status quo.  Every post will begin with “What if?” and can be voted on by Internet users to determine the “Killer Idea” in each category, meaning the idea that has the best chances of becoming a dominating opinion in the future.  Thanks for your contribution! Long live free thinking!

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