What if we knew today the “killer apps” of tomorrow?


For the 3rd year in a row, TBWA is a partner for France’s Netexplorateur forum, organized by Thierry Happe.  For two days, the world’s most promising digital projects are presented to the French Senate.  The past two years featured presentations on Twitter, Netvibes, Aka-Aki or MyMajorCompany, to name a few.  2010’s ten best projects (available on the netexplorateur.org website) were selected by an international panel of industry leaders.  I invite French speakers to look at the excellent synthesis of the year’s big trends, published in Le Figaro by Marie-Catherine Beuth (click here).

This year’s Grand Prize went to Layar, an augmented reality program for smart phones.  For example, Layar allows users to automatically see which apartments are for sale on the street they happen to be on (see the above video for a demo).

HiLabs is the only French company that ranked in the top 10. HiLabs specializes in tactile screens for all surfaces—a complex offer that they promoted in an easy way. When placed in a storefront window, the HiLabs screen, equipped with eye tracking technology, is activated as soon as someone passes in front of it.  Passersby can use the touch screen with as much ease as they do on an iPhone.  This is the only type of screen that can work behind glass.  It’s perfect for shop owners (click here to see the demo video).  We have never been closer to the age of “Minority Report!”


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