What if we got the economy-class treatment on the ground?


It’s been said a thousand times: the days of glamorous air travel are long gone. For a time-warp, just check out the above Pan Am ad from 1958 — I can’t remember the last time I had fresh cut flowers and a powder room in economy class.  Nowadays, you’ll be lucky if you can get a seat that allows you to sit down!

JetBlue’s most recent campaign takes aim at the worst parts of modern air travel: from pond jumping, to lack of legroom to stingy beverage service.   By placing these inconveniences “on the ground” as opposed to in the sky, we are reminded just how singularly awful flying can be.  The slogan “if you wouldn’t take it on the ground, don’t take it in the air” is very appropriate and as we discovered, it applies to JetBlue’s employees as well…




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