What if we got a fresh start?


Seen on Metal Potential is Chipotle’s new campaign that is resolutely pro sustainable development.  According to its website, Chiptole, whose motto is “food with integrity” uses local farmers and is now unveiling a new concept store to reflect the ideals of the chain.  The above spot titled “Back to the Start”, features a Willie Nelson cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist”.  A beautiful, thought-provoking ad whose message of large-scale change reminds me in many ways of the ad that TBWA\CORPORATE did for the Grenelle de l’environment in France (see below).


Scientist” par Willie Nelson. Il est amusant de noter que la démonstration visuelle du changement, utilise la même mécanique que celle employée il y a quelques temps par le film du Grenelle de l’environnement signé TBWA\Corporate (ci-dessous).

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