What if we gave every profession a weeklong trial?


Have you ever heard of “The One Week Job Project: 1 man, 1 year, 52 jobs”? @MrJonath clued me in to this very interesting project perfect for young grads.

Student Sean Aiken wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after college, so he decided to take a year and go across North America working in a different profession every week, from February 2007 to March 2008.  Thanks to his blog and his Facebook page, he published a book, a documentary and attracted the attention of top American media (see the CNN clip below).  What’s more, Sean donated the 20,000 dollars he earned during the year to the group “Make Poverty History”.

Sean’s experiment gained more than just admiration: it also gained followers.  This summer, 3 young women were selected to reproduce Sean’s experience for an 8 -week period.  Each woman received a 3,000 dollar stipend for transit.  You can follow the adventures of Amanda (25 years old), Michelle (22) and Kieley (20) by going to their respective blogs.  Today Sean is capitalizing on his experience by creating mini documentaries for various corporations that highlight the full range of professional activities as well as the culture of the business.  At the end of the day, this experience has become Sean’s passion and, for the time being, his career! 😉


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