What if we gave a picture instead of taking it?

This post is a spontaneous contribution from Domitille Merlin, a young ad agent based in Lille, France, who contacted me on Twitter (@DomitilleM), to talk about the following movement created by an American photographer.

What if a single photo could restore hope? Jeremy Cowart an American photographer (see an example of his work, above, taken from his book Hope in the Dark) is calling on all photographers worldwide—amateur or professionals—to join a movement that he calls “Help-Portrait”.  The goal of Help-Portrait: use the photographer’s talent to provide hope and a smile to people in need.  Help-Portrait day will be held on December 12, 2009, worldwide.  To participate, it’s simple: 1. Find a person in need (it could be a homeless person, a sick person, someone who is alone, a family, your neighbor…) 2. Take their portrait 3. Print it out 4. Give it to them!  The portraits taken on the Help-Portrait day are gifts.  They must be neither put online nor sold, nor added to portfolios.  The portraits belong solely to the subject.  To see the very moving “test-run” that was conducted in Nashville on October 9th, see the below video.  As I write, some 1700 photographers from 40 different countries have joined the movement.  In Paris there is a community of 14 people, what if we joined them?


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