What if we didn’t shoot the bear?

Special thanks to @BrandRepublic who mentionned this on Twitter.

Beware of the bear! Out in the woods a pair of hunters come upon a bear.  Scared but squeamish, they don’t dare shoot it– instead, they do everything BUT shoot it.

In this brilliant YouTube campaign for Tipp-Ex White Out, one of the hunters reaches out of the screen to grab the Tipp-Ex conveniently situated in ad next to his video, to modify the video title “Hunter Shoots a Bear” by erasing “Shoots”.  Leaving a blank spot, it’s up to you to fill in what happens next.

Below, a few things I tried out:

And, since Tipp-Ex is apparently a “family product” the following could not be shown:

Now your turn!


To read Brand Republic’s post (via The Wall Blog), go here.

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