What if we dared to express shocking ideas?

Wired has published this month its annual “smart list”, featuring “12 shocking ideas that could change the world”.  This year, priority was given to “dangerous” ideas: anything heretical, radical and subject to controversy.  These ideas include: A prison reformer who wants to empty them; an economist recommending blocking aid to developing countries (due to corruption); a military theorist who recommends launching an immediate preventive cyber attack; Robert Gates, the US Defense Secretary who wants to overhaul the Pentagon; abolishing medical privacy; recruiting autistics; and killing Big League sports.  This food for thought really does make you think and when it comes to ideas it’s never a good idea to self-censure and avoid debates.  Can the world move forward without politically incorrect ideas?

I have selected two “killer ideas” (one is truly a killer idea, because it concerns euthanasia) that will be part of future posts.  You will be able to vote on these ideas, and others, for the “Killer Idea of 2009” Contest.  Don’t hesitate to take up one of the ideas suggested by Wire, just send me a post beginning with “What if…” 😉

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