What if we crowdfunded advertising?


A new print ad broke in the newspapers in France yesterday with the headline, “Under the cobblestones, the ad”, pointing everyone to the new website masstomass.com. It’s the cornerstone of a campaign that one will find in several French newspapers this week, with the idea “Band together to let ourselves be heard.”

Created by a collective of a dozen representatives in advertising, and media agencies, MassToMass aims to give to everyone the means to launch a campaign in all the major media. Open for business since yesterday, the site MassToMass allows everyone to post a message in the form of creative advertising, to collect contributions from those who

share the same desire that this message is shared in advertising spaces off- and online. Advertising can now serve as the voice of causes or to combat a louder voice, emanating from a collective or from simple citizens. Rather than simply posting your video on YouTube, you can now post it to prime-time television!

MassToMass is a tool for all groups—associations or trade unions, big or small, ephemeral

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or lasting—that want to make their voice heard in media, but has at their disposal neither the budget to buy media space nor the necessary structure to launch an ad campaign. It is also a tool for creatives or agencies to produce their campaigns for clients who don’t have the media budget. The operation is quite simple: on the site, after having invested the modest sum of 15€ (approximately US$18.8) to guarantee the genuineness of the process, posts an ad (in accordance with the law and having possession of all the rights to it), and all those who wish to spread the message may make a monetary contribution towards the cost of the campaign. Once the minimum amount has been reached, the initial poster launches the campaign in coordination with media professionals who will have contacted him to finalize the campaign plan. If the collection doesn’t reach the minimum amount within six months, the campaign is cancelled and the contributors are reimbursed. The security of the funds and the transactions are assured by the partnership of MassToMass and Caisse d’Epargne, the French network of mutual savings banks; the poster therefore has no direct access to the funds collected. As for myself I’ve decided to invest in the APF campaign below. And you, what cause will you support?

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