What if we could touch 3D images?


Another treasure found by Anne Sophie Robert, (@AnneSo_R) the young strategic planner who was featured on the blog yesterday.  By the way, I forgot to mention tat Ms. Robert is currently looking for work as a planner, so if you’re looking for strategic planners, hit her up on Twitter!

When the movie Avatar came out in French theatres, the above 3D ad for Haribo candies was shown as part of the previews.  As you can imagine, many children in the audience wanted very much to touch the delicious sweets coming at them from the screen.  Soon, this will be possible…

Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AISJT) has developed a tactile 3D system that reconstructs the feel of an object on a screen!  To operate the “i3Space” the user must wear special gloves that calculate the movement of the wearer’s fingers to apply the necessary force to the 3D image.  This innovation would not only be great in video games (natch) but also in the medical world.

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