What if we could sleep two (comfortably) on a plane?

Being able to sleep in a reclined position makes a huge difference for airline passengers when they arrive.  Sleeping well with a friend is even better!  Until now, this luxury was reserved for first class passengers (see the Airbus A380 Cabin Suites below).  Today, Tourmag.com revealed Air New Zealand’s ingenious idea for economy class: the Skycouch. Because of its large number of long-haul flights, Air New Zealand tries to offer its passengers the best in comfort, even in economy class.  With this latest innovation, they’ve squared the circle.

The secret is in the armrests that go all the way up and the removable cushions that fill the space between two seats.  To benefit from the Skycouch, you must buy two seats at full price and a third seat at half price.  This will be introduced on the new Boeing 777-300 ER in November, for the Auckland-Los Angeles flight.  Why didn’t we think of this before?  The only thing missing is Singapore Airlines’ comfy duvet!

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