What if we could “pimp” our planet?


I am always grateful to Alexandre Ribichesu, who keeps a fantastic (French-language) blog Kairos Mosaique and is also a great finder of killer ideas on the Internet.  His latest finding is by StudioSmack.  To cite and (translate) Alexandre, here is his thought process: “We live in a time when anything and everything can be upgraded or “pimped”…why not our planet?  StudioSmack presents “Pimp my Planet”, an animated short film that explores the possibilities of playing God and rearranging earth as we see fit, aesthetically or ideologically.  What would be the consequences of your actions?”

I believe that Charlie Chaplin, another creative genius, had a similar idea (see below)…

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJOuoyoMhj8&feature=player_embedded [/youtube]

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