What if we could pedal under water?

No joke!  This pedal boat was developed by the Russian company, Marine Innovation Technologies, Ltd and was presented in the very serious “science” section of the French magazine Le Point.  “This is a new type of pedal boat”, writes Le Point, “allowing its users to descend 30 meters under water.  To move it forward, two people need to pedal under the glass dome.  In addition to the pedals, this submarine is equipped with a steering wheel and a few buttons allowing it to descend under water.  In case of an emergency, a security system allows it to rapidly resurface.  Measuring some 3.35 meters long by 2 meters wide, this boat can be easily towed by a car, it is priced at 56,000 euros (approximately 77,000 dollars).”  The inventor’s biggest challenge was amplifying the pedaling force.  Normally, a single person pedaling produces .4 kilowatts of energy, far below the 2.5 to 5 kilowatts needed to obtain a speed of 3 knots at 30 meters depth.  Through a method the company calls the “Coanda” effect, average pedaling is amplified to power the boat at 3 knots speed. Unveiled last April on the Ecofriend website, this innovation provides an ecological way to explore our oceans!

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