What if we bicyclists had airbags, too?

No, the above image is not the latest in experimental fashion, it’s a new, lifesaving innovation for cyclists created by a group of Swedish students: an airbag for bicyclists. Worn around the neck like a scarf, the airbag inflates with helium at the sign of a collision. Called the Hövding, this protoype is the fruit of 6 years of study. Although not yet commercialized, the tests conducted with dummies are

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very promising (see below video) and one of the creators thinks that this innovative airbag will be available for some 250 euros (not bad)!

Thanks @KlarAgora for tweeting this!


  1. KlarAgora

    Thanks Nicolas ! Maybe cycler like me 😉

    What if it were French students who would have such great ideas … ?

    We cannot say it won’t be useful in Paris, given this kind of madness typical of our dear drivers :-)

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