What if we bicycled in the sky?

Have you heard of Schweeb? This was one of the 5 projects to win Google’s “Project  10 ^100” a contest that provides funding for excellent ideas.  Some 150,000 ideas were submitted, coming from over 170 countries around the world, of these, the ideas were narrowed down to the Final 16 that were voted on by Internet readers.  The winners are the top 5 ideas, and each project receives a grant of 1-2 million dollars.  So Schweeb, which, by the way, manufactures recumbent bicycle monorails, will be able to potentially introduce their prototypes into a test market.  For more information about Schweeb, check out this video.

FYI, here are the other winning projects:

1)    The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Idea: to provide quality education to African Students

2)    First

Idea: Enhance Science and Engineering Education

3) Public.resource.org

Idea: Make Government More transparent

4) Khan Academy

Idea: Make educational content available online free.

(This idea has the Bill Gates seal of approval, and is my personal favorite!)


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