What if we already knew who won the Superbowl?


Tomorrow night at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium, the New Orleans Saints will go up against the Indianapolis Colts.

As we all know, the Superbowl is not just football’s biggest night: it’s advertising’s biggest night, too.  In 2010’s competition are the usual suspects: Budweiser, Bridgestone (who has already released the above teaser), Coca-Cola, CareerBuilder, GoDaddy’s.  Also expected is the ad for Apple’s iPad and the winning Doritos spot that rewards Internet users’ creativity.  There is even a controversial pro-life ad scheduled.

But this year, the big winner will not be in attendance: Pepsi, who decided to put its Superbowl ad budget into the “Pepsi Refresh Project”.  This initiative gives 1,300,000 dollars every month to charity projects that have been elected by Internet users.


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