What if we advocated for true worldwide governance?

The disappointing results of the Copenhagen summit creates an increasingly compelling argument for the think tank Collegium International, of which I have always been a supporter.  Inspired by Stéphane Hessel, one of the founders of the United Nations, this organization is made up former political leaders (such as former Presidents Fernando Enrique Cardoso (Brazil) and Milan Kucan (Slovenia)) and members of civil society—such as philospher Edgar Morin, the economist René Passet and the professor Michael Doyle, among others.  Last week Collegium International published an Op-Ed in the French newspaper La Croix proposing a “charter for global governance”.  I have put an excerpt below and have illustrated it by a video titled “The Known Universe” created by the American Museum of Natural History.

“The G8 and G20 have proven to be summits where much is said and little is accomplished.  This collective indecision does little to help us understand the various crises that afflict us on a global scale—be they climactic, financial or tied to nuclear security…Due to the planetary level of these problems, men and women need to remember their INTERDEPENDENCE and consider their common destiny…The only salvation available is collective…We must transcend the prevailing local interests that continue to transform the international community into a marketplace where sordid deals are made…The arrival of this new community of planetary inter-solidarity must be heralded by a “declaration of interdependence.”  We must create an economic, social and cultural Security Council.  We are now in the era of global solidarity, not strict isolationism.  We must put pressure on the UN General Assembly to formally adopt a Universal Declaration of Interdependence to create a meeting place for diverse cultural wisdoms through civil and moral society, intellectuals and scientists.  The 21st century will be the century of global governance—or we will perish.”


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