What if we advertised for our neighbors?

On April 5th, TBWA participated in the annual National Day of Advertising, created by the French trade association the AACC (I am currently the President of the AACC). This year, the theme was “open house” and, like the other participating agencies, TBWA opened their doors to students, local businessmen, and anyone else who was interested in seeing what we were up to. BDDP&Fils opened their doors to students, TBWA\Corporate did presentations on campaigns that never ran, and TBWA\Paris created a rather novel way to promote their open house.

For TBWA\Paris, this meant an exchange with our surrounding local businesses. Various restaurants, hair salons and photography studios promoted TBWA\Paris’s open house, in exchange, our creatives made ads for the businesses. Here are a few of

my favorites, that I’ll try my best to translate for you. Enjoy :-)

1• Graziella Hair Salon (slogan: a Hairdresser and a confidante)

Copy: Guillaume P had never told anyone about his passion for the choreographies of Philippe Candéloro. Then, one day, he went to Grazeilla.

2•Italian Restaurant Caffe Peonia (slogan: Only the Best of Italy)

3• Photography Studio Daniel Maignan (slogan: Don’t leave your portrait to chance)

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