What if video games invaded our (augmented) reality?


This post is a repost (and translation!) of an article published today by Alexandre H on Clubic.com, called “A helicopter controlled by an iPhone”.  Aside from the spectacular application of wi-fi piloting (see above video) it’s the potential augmented reality exploitation (see below) that allows the video game to permeate the dimension between real and virtual.

“During the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, the French company Parrot presented a product specially designed for technophiles, that is poised to compete with the “Picooz” and other mini helicopters.  Called the “AR.Drone”, this miniature helicopter is equipped with 4 rotors, Wifi, 2 cameras and an integrated stabilization motor that allows smoother horizontal axe movements.  The AR.Drone is controlled via an iPhone or an iPod Touch through the accelerometer and virtual buttons and is made of carbon fiber and plastic.

Its 1000mAh battery allows 15 minutes of continuous use.  On the technical side, the AR.Drone integrates an ARM9 processor set at 468 Mhz and a GNU/Linux system.  A development kit is included to promote enhancements for the helicopter.  At the moment, the company 1nt13 has proposed an augmented reality motor for the helicopter with an included game.

This game comes with a special iPhone application. Allowing solo or group fights against virtual enemies that appear at the screen, this game makes great use of the 2 cameras on the helicopter.  The first camera stabilizes flight by compensating for wind and other turbulences and the second camera allows the user to visualize what the helicopter “sees” from their iPhone.  Parrot’s AR.Drone will be put on the market in 2010, for a currently undetermined cost.”


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