What if Twitter re-invented the art of teasing?

Thanks to Pierre Ayroles who asked me to re-post an article from his blog called Paperplane titled “Twitter as a Treasure Map”.

“The agency Johannes Leonardo (whose website deserves a look 😉 ) have invited New Yorkers on a scavenger hunt, with Twitter in the background.  40 billboards were posted in the subway in Manhattan and Brooklyn with a simple message #UNDERGROUNDPUZZLE.  This clear Twitter reference incites passengers to take pictures of the various clues on the poster and post them on the social network.  This campaign is based on a community ethos and on mobility.  In order to allow for the most noise to pique New Yorker’s curiosity concerning this campaign, the agency also put out lots of stickers with the hashtag. In one month’s time we will find out who is behind the campaign.  Who ever the mystery tweeter is, one thing is for sure: it will most certainly draw wrath from the MTA for (what seems like) such a suggestive billboard.”

The first one to reveal who is behind this campaign by posting a comment on this blog (before anyone else does on Twitter) wins a dedicated copy of The Killer Idea. 😉

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