What if tweeting one idea a day could get you a job?

This is the hope of a young French Strategic Planner who is looking for work in New York or London.  Believing strongly in the adage of “show, don’t tell”, Nathanael Este-Klein created the “oneideaaday” Twitter feed.  Simply put, since January 1st, 2010, Nathanael has been presenting an idea for a different international brand on twitter and on his oneideaaday website—as he says “One idea a day until I get hired”.  Here are a few good ideas:

Idea #1: Create a unique “Flagship” MacDonalds where you can find specialties from all McDonald’s, worldwide.

Idea #2: Allow Orange (French telecommunications operator) clients to trade loyalty points in for a gift certificate for family and friends.

Idea #3:  Create an SNCF (French railways) laboratory with some of the best physicists in the world to work on a single issue: teleportation (and communicate about it).

Idea #4:  Throw a Puja party on the banks of the Seine for Hermès’ next Indian collection.

Idea #5:  Create the “iPhone S”: A smaller version of the iPhone.

Idea #6: Create an H&M virtual wardrobe application (iPhone & Facebook) for swapping clothes between friends.

Idea #7: Create an upscale auction web service exclusively dedicated to MINI owners, so they can trade their other exceptional goods.

Idea #8: Team up with Indian Space program (ISRO) and develop unique Louis Vuitton luggage for the first Indian astronaut that will walk on the moon.

Idea #9: For HotelF1, create “One” – a series of city books made by photographers who shot only the first number of each street.

Idea #10: Improve Monoprix’s (French supermarket) plastic bags by adding an “easy opening” system.

To follow Nathanael’s ideas in real time on twitter, click here! You may just end up hiring him. 😉

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