What if tweeting brought down prices?

Special thanks to @AdTimes who tweeted this very interesting campaign (that he found on the French advertising blog le publigeekaire) lead by Uniqlo.

Uniqlo, with its classic clothing, designer collaborations and reasonable prices has become a worldwide fashion phenomenon.  Just last year, the official opening of the French flagship brought mobs of customers all winter long.  In addition to Uniqlo’s excellent event planning and of course, its products, it is also at the forefront in digital communication.

After the uniqclock and the U-Tweet campaign, Uniqlo UK is now offerring you a chance to get some of their fall collection for a very low price, all you have to do is Tweet! The Lucky Counter campaign invites people to tweet about a certain item of clothing from Uniqlo.  The more people tweet, the lower the prices get.  Not a bad way to get a bargain.

And because I love it so much, here is, once again, the uniqlock!

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