What if TV’s next revolution was “Social Television”?

Special thanks to Anne-Sophie Robert who reminded me on Facebook to write this post! 😉

The MIT Tech Review has just published its “10 Emerging Technologies” of 2010—innovations that the Review feels are destined to change the world—one of these technologies is “social television”.  The idea behind this is to connect friends who watch the same TV shows as you do.  People already do this on Twitter, Facebook chat or on blogs—by commenting in real-time.  Indeed, the above remote control looks like a smartphone connected to twitter.  As Internet infiltrates family television viewing, we can only expect to see more real-time TV conversations.  The only problem is having your Twitter feed polluted if you didn’t watch the show!

Another question is which screen is right for this sort of content: the television monitor, a separate screen (iPhone or iPad, perhaps?) or a new generation remote control like the above model.  These innovations could allow us to measure TV audiences not just by quantity but also by the quality of the conversations built around a particular show.  This would give a better understanding of an audience’s implication, be it positive or negative, around a show.  Let’s hope Facebook can add a “like” soon !

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