What if Towers became Vertical Villages?

This story is from the French construction site Moniteur:

“ ‘It’s a ‘vertical village’” declared Jean-Luc Poidevin, Managing Director of Nexity real estate group.  Known as “Habiter le ciel “ (“Inhabit the Sky” in English), this building is part of the “Grand Paris” urban renewal initiative for Greater Paris. According to its creator, Roland Castro, this tower will “reconcile nature with the city”.  This 17-story high building will feature 5 superposed garden courtyards.  Each garden is accessible to a pair of duplexes (four stories high, in all). The two glass elevators at the back of the courtyard accentuate the garden like quality of the building.

The first “Habiter le ciel” building, which will be priced between 3,500 € and 5,000 € per square meter, will be constructed in the city of Gennevilliers, according to Nexity.

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