What if this were the best viral campaign of 2009?

Last Wednesday, the jury of the Viral Film Festival (made up of advertising execs and bloggers) gave their verdict for the 2009 awards (Full list of winners is available here.  Also, my congratulations to BDDP Unlimited for their prize for The Candle, a viral film for Viagra 😉 ).

The Grand Prize of 2009 was given to Heineken for their wonderful campaign created by TBWA\Amsterdam.  This campaign is built around the concept of a “walk-in fridge”—the male equivalent of the walk-in closet.  The first spot (video 1 below) was downloaded over 400,000 times during its first 5 days—and over 15 million times since then.  It was followed-up by a viral campaign showing the construction (or delivery) of giant refrigerators (see video 2 below) and it was topped-off by an events campaign centered around placing giant refrigerators equipped with webcams in public places.  A final film titled “Walking Fridge” allowed Heineken to maintain a “top-of-mind” dominance and helped sales reach an all time high.  If you think another campaign should have been elected “Best Viral Campaign of 2009”, please mention it in the comments section!


[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9_FT6aero4&feature=player_embedded [/youtube]

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjAZ5esOBZw&feature=player_embedded#! [/youtube]

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