What if this was the longest comparative ad you’ve ever seen?


Experience another way of life : this is what Morocco is allowing us to do.  As of last Monday, by clicking on youtube.com/visitmorocco you can watch the longest comparative ad of all time! In a split-screen video, follow 24 hours of a couple at home in Europe while watching the same couple on vacation in Morocco.  The videos allow you a choice between watching the action in Morocco or in Europe.  Switching from one screen to another has been made possible by a new YouTube fragmentation technology.  This spot required 2 separate teams from the agency BDDP&Fils (TBWA\ group)  to film in Europe and in Morocco during a 24 hour period.  The ad is currently under approval for the longest ad spot in the Guiness Book of World Records.

This operation comes on the heels of the “Movement for More Summer” that was launched this August. Various demonstrations to picket for “victory over winter” were launched in Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, and Milan by some estival activists who’ve been fighting the good fight on the Facebook FanPage, which already has over 33,000 fans.

A banner campaign will be debuting on the 29th of October within all over Europe and will be linked to Morocco’s YouTube Channel.

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