What if the truth could be plural?

This is the title of a photo Projeqt that you can discover by clicking here.  Created by Philippe Jacquot, a professional-level photographer who works at TBWA\FRANCE’s IT department.  Philippe’s big idea is to give the precise coordinates of the sites that he photographs to encourage other photographers to take the same photo at the exact same location at a different time.  This could be done through an application like “Around Me” which would allow people to see the various photos taken at a specific location around you.  A way to show that photographic truth is mutable.  A wonderful idea!

Projeqt exists for sharing creative and artistic ideas, it was launched by TBWA\Worldwide a few months ago (see below video) and now the TBWA website is conducted entirely through the projeqt platform.  TBWA has also allowed creative internet users to have access to Projeqt for showing their works, thanks to this very simple sharing platform.  One of Projeqt’s great advantages is the ability to integrate images, films or RSS and Twitter feeds.  If you wish, you can also use Projeqt to present a professional or personal work.  Just go to projeqt.com and click on “request a beta account”.  You should receive your personal access code within a few weeks, which will allow you to show your “projeqt” (which I would be more than happy to share on this blog, if it has a killer idea like Philippe’s 😉 ).


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