What if the “trademark” betrayed the “t(w)easing”?

What if the New York subway’s t(w)easing brand was finally unmasked?

For the past two weeks, a mysterious brand has put up some 40 posters in the Manhattan subway, with only one phrase “#undergroundpuzzle” (twitter speak, for the uninitiated).  Although some subway riders may have been indifferent, the Twitter world was all abuzz, with everyone hypothesizing on the brand behind the teasing (maybe Motorola? Sony? The MTA?)

I wrote a post about this operation earlier on the blog, titled “What if Twitter re-invented the art of teasing?”  I now have the pleasure to announce to you (in a worldwide exclusive?!) that Pierre Ayroles (@p8perplane), whose blog is paper-plane.fr, has most likely figured it out.  It was Pierre who originally informed me of this campaign.  Now he seems to have solved the mystery thanks to the above logo and it’s specific typography

The brand behind all this is most certainly Daffy’s, the clothing store and shoe chain.  Daffy’s has already caught my attention—last November, I loved their “live performances” in movie theaters. Check out the video below, to see what I mean.

So, its most certainly Pierre who will take home top honors, for piecing together the puzzle (unless one of you knows that Daffy’s was already on Twitter before last night at 8PM Paris time) 😉


UPDATE : It seems that Pierre was not the first to discover the hidden brand . A few hours before Pierre published his tweet, Tim Delger has published the following photo on his twitter feed. Congratulations to Tim ! 😉

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