What if the most advanced running technology was our bodies?

Thanks @Luna\TBWA — our agency in Slovenia– for tweeting this disruptive site.

As some of you may be aware, the barefoot running movement is starting to gain ground among amateur runners and marathoners, alike.  Due to weather conditions and hostile, urban terrain, most barefoot runners do not run wholly barefoot but are equipped with minimal rubber slip-ons that allow their toes to gain traction.

Vibram FiveFingers, a maker of such shoes has found an interesting way to vaunt their simple products.  Unlike conventional running shoe brands, which highlight the latest technological innovations in their products , Vibram takes the opposite approach and celebrates the runners. The tag line “You are the technology” is wonderfully illustrated in an eponymous website that lets visitors explore the shoes by clicking on the colorfully painted models clothed only in a pair of FiveFingers.  So go and explore the two spokespeople, then take off your shoes, and run around the block :)!

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