What if the “Minority Report” wall was in your living room?

Will Panasonic kill Ikea?  Thanks to the Life Wall, in demonstration in Tokyo, your entire life is on your wall!  You no longer need the Billy library shelf or a television screen in your living room—just a white wall! 😉

This post is a reprint (and translation) of an article published on the 9th of October, 2009 by Alexandre Laurent for the Ceatec 2009 salon.

Why even bother with a television and computer screen when you can have it all on your wall?  In downtown Tokyo is the Panasonic Center, containing the beautiful Life Wall.  With a futuristic structure, closely resembling what we know from Science-Fiction movies wherein the user interacts with content or friends without a keyboard, and where signs are only limited by the size of a room.  In the below video, you can discover certain interactions imagined by Panasonic: user facial recognition, gesture navigation, educational applications or updated videoconference with a tactile table.  Perhaps this is just a taste of the future?



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