What if the “Killer Idea of 2010” was born in 2009?

Happy New Year! I hope that, like me, you spent a wonderful New Year’s Eve with loved ones and that the morning after wasn’t too tough!  Welcome to the second season of the “ideas incubator.”  Let’s kick off the New Year with the grand prize for the official “Killer Idea of 2009”.

counter stopped, symbolically, at 10:10 AM (Paris time) on 01.01.2010.  It was then that 2009’s Killer Idea was revealed: “What if Electricity Were Unplugged?”  Congratulations to Corey Cruz, a Francophile creative living in the Philippines.  The “Killer Idea 2009” prize will be awarded to her in Paris, during a lunch date that she will choose (unfortunately, the Manila-Paris plane ticket does not come with the lunch 😉 ).  Corey took 604 votes out of a total of 624 votes for her idea submitted on September 13th, which was inspired by a talk presented at TED given by Eric Giller, CEO of WiTricity.  It’s no surprise that such a great idea came out of a TED (Technology Entertainement Design) event, TED truly does live up to its promise: Ideas worth spreading!

Founded by Chris Anderson, the famous ex-editor of Wired, TED never ceases to provide fabulous ideas, all in the form of videos under 20 minutes!  Readers to this blog can attest to the power of TED’s ideas, which have been the source of many-a-post.  We can thank TED for Clément Ollivier’s post from December 16, 2009 “What if we went from a document-based internet to a data-based internet?” that was illustrated with a video by one of Internet’s founding fathers (Tim-Berners-Lee).

In second place comes Bruno Benchetrit (of the popmarketing blog!) with “What if we reinvented Mass Media?” Benchetrit wondered if for a single day, all online ad space carried the same message.  An idealistic and experimental response to today’s media fragmentation.  Bruno comes in a close second with 568 positive votes out of 590 total votes for his post, dating also from September 13, 2009.  I am pleased to invite Bruno to lunch as well, to celebrate an excellent idea.

The third place goes to the MASSIVEGOOD project (which will be launched officially in February-March), with their idea “What if you could save millions of lives, while living yours?” Thanks to a voluntary contribution of 2$ on all plane tickets, MASSIVEGOOD allows travelers to fight HIV/AIDS, Malaria Tuberculosis and to improve child and maternal health.

Coming in fourth, is “What if we learned to pay more?” published on December 10th, with 244 positive votes out of 246 total votes.  Exemplified by Bruno Fay and Stéphane Reynaud’s book “No low cost”, this post generated 31 very thoughtful commentaries, specifically one by the French economist Etienne Wasmer.

And in fifth place is the post “What if we rewarded talent and not sweat?” This idea is exemplified in the below video that imagines Walt Disney “selling” Mickey Mouse to a producer based wholly on billable hours!  With a total of 237 positive votes out of 237 votes in all, this post won the “2009’s Most Consensual Killer Idea”.

My wish for 2010: that talent and ideas be rewarded like never before! The prize for 2010’s killer idea is now open: let the games begin!


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