What if the future of mass transport was individual?


During an era when car-sharing is becoming an urban reality in European cities such as Ulm (video above) and the city of Daimler has expanded it’s rental system (19 cents a minute, 9.90€ an hour or 49€ a day) that is managed by geolocalization (allowing your to leave the car wherever you want within city limits)—other cities are finding even more groundbreaking ways to individualize mass transit.

This is exactly what Unimodal Systems is working on, in partnership with NASA.  They have envisioned a hybrid system between public transit and a taxi.  This translates to a monorail line suspended by posts and flanking buildings.  At each station, three people can take a gondola and select a destination where they would go directly, without making any other stops, at a speed that goes up to 240 kilometers/hour.  As soon as the passengers get off, the empty gondola redirects itself to the closest station.  This system functions on electro-magnetic energy that can maximize energy economy.  If you have any more questions, please go to the exhaustive website.  What if Science Fiction were merely anticipation?

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