What if the fans made the artist?


The Grammy Awards were this evening in Los Angeles.  The big winners included Beyonce (above), who took home 6 Grammys; the Black Eyed Peas, who received 3 Grammys; Taylor; Swift; Jason Mraz and Lady Gaga.  Special congratulations to the two French winners (the group Phoenix and the DJ David Guetta) as well as to the old pros (Bruce Springsteen and AC/DC). To see the full list of Grammy winners click here!

This is also the moment to salute “We are all fans”, an especially inventive promotional campaign lead by TWBA\Chiat\Day in Los Angeles.  Inspired by the idea that “the fans make the star”, this campaign relied heavily on social networks.  To learn more, check out the “We are all fans” website. On the site, various artists are depicted as a mosaic of fan videos, Facebook posts and tweets.  You can click on each individual fan contribution in the mosaic or, if you wish, submit your own contribution by a tweet, a photo or a video.  This operation is accompanied by a viral video campaign for each star (see the Lady Gaga video below).


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