What if the delivery truck was powered by “Likes”?


The UK Skittles Facebook page has over 2,350,000 fans thanks to the various operations lead by TBWA\London (some of which I discussed on this blog– here and here).  The most recent operation concerns the brand’s new Blue Skittles, a cherry-cola flavored addition to the “rainbow”.  After sharing exclusive images of their production chain in the Czech Republic, Skittles offered Internet users to follow the first UK delivery of Blue Skittles in real time.  However, as you will see in the following videos, the Czech truck driver suffers from low self-esteem.  Feeling that he was not being duly appreciated, he decided to rebel and boycott the delivery– the Blue Skittles will make it to the UK only if enough people “like” his videos on Facebook!  In his series (below) of videos, he occaisionally references actual Facebook commentators– but don’t worry, the morose truck driver ends up delivering the Blue Skittles and even gets a hug :-)








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