What if “Second Life” were at the dawn of a second life?

This post was suggested to me by Nicolas Clairembault who published an article on this subject on his blog (click here to read it), in the article, he references an interview with the CEO of LindenLab, Mark Kingdom, published on the website Building43. Here is the video:

For Nicolas Clairembault, three factors explain why Second Life seems to have gone out of style: most corporations (excepting IBM) haven’t found a fun and engaging way to use Second Life and have thus, gone on towards other social networks.

Yet, for the past 4 years Second Life has continued grow, offering a parallel universe for some 18 million inhabitants, 1 million of who connect each month.  Mark Kingdom, who has succeeded the site’s founder Philip Rosedale, has just announced a new “viewer” created to attract new inhabitants by providing them with the possibility to interface with Facebook and Twitter, here is the demo:


What if, through opening up a bit more, Second Life was granted a second life?

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