What if our disintegration becomes a metamorphosis?

Edgar Morin is in my opinion, the most important Francophone intellectual alive today.  For an introduction to his philosophy, I would strongly recommend reading Homeland Earth, first published, in France, in 1993 with Anne Brigitte Kern.  Today Morin published a remarkable article in Le Monde titled “In Praise of Metamorphosis” with a subtitle “To avoid the disintegration of the Earth, we must quickly change our way of life and our way of thinking.”  Here are a few excerpts. (French speakers can read the full article here.  Above artwork by Annie Cassez.)

“Disintegration is probable.  Metamorphosis is improbable but possible.  The 21st century offers the possibility of historic societies to morph into a new type of global society that would incorporate Nation-States without effacing them.  Metamorphosis is a richer idea than revolution, it encompasses revolution’s transformative radicalism but it is linked also to conservation: of life, heritage and cultures.

“How can we change our path towards metamorphosis?  It may seem impossible to correct certain mistakes and it is equally impossible to fully stop the activity that is driving our planet to the brink of disaster.  Still, human history has often dramatically changed paths.  Everything always begins by an innovation: a new deviant message, marginal, modest and often invisible to contemporary society.  Thus began the great religions.  Modern science was formed by a few dispersed deviant minds as well: Galileo, Bacon and Descartes.

“…We can no longer denounce, we must now pronounce…We have 5 reasons to hope: 1. The rise of the improbable; 2. The inherent creative virtue of humanity; 3. The virtues of a crisis; 4. The virtues of danger; 5. Humanity’s age-old hope for harmony…. Today the cause is unprecedented: we must save humanity…As Heidegger said, “our origins are in front of us.”  This metamorphosis will become a new origin.”

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