What if incidental media communicated with us, silently?


Anne-Sophie Robert recommended an excellent article

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from the French site InternetActu.net. I encourage all my French speaking readers to go directly to this article, as it’s really quite excellent.

To summarize, the article features two films (see above and below) produced by the Design agency Berg and the designer Timo Arnall, in partnership with the Dentsu London. These films imagine a world where screens constantly communicate with us silently through various information (mostly coming from social networks) and images. The above film, titled “Incidental Media”, imagines television shows, wake-up calls and even bills and receipts as receptacles for information coming from social networks and news organizations. The second film, titled “The Journey” looks at train travel and shows the various ways that screens, tickets and other objects in a train station can provide useful and entertaining information, to make a trip more pleasurable and easier.


The end of the article raises an interesting question: in a world where every screen and bit of ephemera can communicate, will we end up ignoring all this useful information?

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