What if laughter was the best way to break the silence?

Have you seen the latest PSA for the OPCC (Ocean Park Community Center, located in LA)?

Starring Courteney Cox and David Arquette this strange, faux “sex tape” takes a turn for the serious by abruptly transitioning from raunchy furry comedy to a serious discussion about the taboo surrounding domestic violence. See for yourself.


Personally, this ad leaves me with mixed feelings. It’s touchy to mix comedy with something as serious as spousal abuse. What’s more, aside from a plug for the OPCC and the address of a sparse Facebook page, the ad does little to discuss concrete actions that can be taken to help victims of abuse. On the other hand, I appreciate seeing an ad for abuse prevention that doesn’t feature a voyeuristic “home life” scene. Having to “hook” viewers with celebrities and humor in order to raise awareness about a taboo subject may be a bit dispiriting, but it is a reality. If this video goes viral, that will be nice, the best though, would be if this sketch does help people broach uncomfortable subjets (and no, I am not talking about the furries 😉 ).

BTW: I’ve already blogged about this ad that was done for Amnesty International in Germany

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against domestic violence. Although this does show a “home life” scene, I think it’s extremely well-done and touches on an often overlooked aspect of domestic violence: it happens when nobody’s looking.

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