What if it were worth signing your video petition?


October 1, Action Against Hunger (ACF) and TBWA \ PARIS, in partnership with Dailymotion, mobilized public opinion. Through a video petition that one can sign, ACF fights for an international investigation under the auspices of the United Nations against those responsible for the killing of 17 aid workers.

On August 4, 2006, while the city of Muttur, in southeastern Sri Lanka, was in the grip of fierce fighting, 17 ACF aid workers were murdered on the NGO’s premises. To make everyone recall the facts fell into oblivion and encourage more people to sign the petition for an investigation, the agency has developed a beautiful innovation: a film with integrated signature module, broadcast over Dailymotion.

The film, directed by Luis Nieto, avoids directly showing violence by showing a scene with the white shirt of the NGOs, poured over with the blood the victims, the final witnesses on this macabre day in August 2006. Samuel Le Bihan, loyal supporter of the association for many years, agreed to lend his voice to the narration.

Now is the last chance for an international investigation. So that the light is finally shed on the circumstances and those responsible for the massacre and that this crime does not go unpunished, you can act by signing the online petition in the video or at justiceformuttur.org and sharing the film. The petition will be handed over to the president of the UN Human Rights Council on October 22 this year.

For more information (reports, stories, news related to combat): see justiceformuttur.org or facebook.com/actioncontrelafaim.

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