What if indecision led to nowhere?


If you follow me on twitter, you know that yesterday I was at the press launch of the new site for LesEchos.fr, where they announced the changes to come for the paper version of the leading French finance daily. It was BDDP&Fils (one of the agencies in the TBWA group in France) which was chosen, after a pitch, to communicate the new vision of Les Echos. Because Les Echos is the brand preferred by decision-makers, the agency proposed to make the fight against indecision into a real combat. In a world that is increasingly uncertain, the risk of paralyzing indecision is everywhere, in all fields, from politics to society, including economics. Indecision undermines growth and progress. And the irony is that the more unsure we are, the more pressing it is to be decisive. The greater the turbulence, the greater the importance for a pilot to make the right decisions at the right time, and not be carried away by high winds. This is why the TV commercial (see above), print (see below), and radio (click here—French version only), signs off with “Les Echos — Place aux décisions” (Where decisions are made), has chosen to tell humorously how important and urgent it is to know how to make the right decisions without hesitation. One must be able to decide in the most informed way possible, which is the aim of Les Echos in its field.

What Arnaud Roussel, the commercial’s director, didn’t know while shooting the film was that it was going to launch the day after Felix Baumgartner’s historic stratosphere freefall. If like me, you saw last night’s press conference for the hero of the day, you will surely have noted that according to Baumgartner, the most difficult decision was not to jump into the void, but to not open his parachute when he started to spiral, to ensure that he beat the world record. Know how to decide well and fast—that’s when we’ll get to have the best in life!

I came, I saw, I thought about it.

I think, therefore I am, unless it’s the other way around…

It could be that I am your father.

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