What if ideas came to us while we played?


Thanks to Gil R who introduced me to this project through a pingback on his blog “Strategic Content”.

If you were raised, like I was, in a Lego-centric home, you will appreciate the “Lego Click” project that has just been launched (see the above movie).  To celebrate the moment when an idea takes hold (the “click”, “Eureka!” or “Aha moment”), Lego Click offers inventors, artists and idea lovers, a collaborative environment where they can share their vision and innovations.  This community is present on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.  You can also go to the “DesignByMe” website to create the Lego universe of your dreams.  Lego, clearly not lacking in ideas, has just created a free iPhone app that allows you to “legofie” your photo.  I figured you would probably prefer to see the result on Marilyn than on me! 😉

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