What if guerilla marketing sunk to new depths (literally)?

Special thanks to @Buzzilla who tweeted and blogged about this very clever, if not disconcerting, marketing effort for the Fox Crime channel in Spain.  To check out Buzzilla’s article, go here.


Clearly betting on creating a viral buzz, Fox Crime set a crime scene worthy of “Law and Order”, in an unexpected location: 50 feet underwater.  The above video shows the reaction of a few scuba divers to what appears to be a victim of “Cement Shoes”.  I can’t say that I find this to be in good taste. Were I to come upon something like this while scuba diving, I would be shocked and then possibly upset to discover that this was just a marketing ploy.  Time will tell if Spaniards take to this campaign and tune into Fox Crime, or if they are put off by such macabre techniques.

Nevertheless, I can’t help but admire the innovative and frankly, disruptive idea behind this kind of operation. I wonder if we’ll be hearing about other fake crime scenes?

Perhaps Mack the Knife is back in town? 😉


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