What if great Internet content was spontaneously rewarded?


Thanks to Jean Allary (blog notrelienquotidien.com) for telling me about this surprising project that offers a solution to the problem of rewarding excellent Internet content.  Ironically, this idea comes from Peter Sunde, former spokesman and presumed co-founder of the Swedish web site “The Pirate Bay”.  The concept is called Flattr.  A user who subscribes to Flattr pays a monthly flat fee that is used to reward his choice of content creators.  Once a month, the flat fee is divided evenly among the selected content.  For content creators to be paid, they need only install a Flattr counter button next to their content (music, text, video, photos, etc), Flattr subsrcibers can click on the button to show their love.

If a user clicks wishes to reward lots of sites, then the sum of the individual payment decreases.  However, if more and more people join Flattr, then these little payments can add up quickly for content creators.  This could also push Internet users to create high-quality, interesting content.

The micro-contribution movement comes from idea that little streams form great rivers.  This is also the concept behind MASSIVEGOOD.  These initiatives show us the power of many small gifts.

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