What if GPS systems were social creatures, like us?

Martin Perraud Wolff is a Strategic Planner at Auditoire (without a doubt the best Events Agency in the history of humanity 😉 ).  The following is taken directly from his excellent blog, titled BEX (for Brand EXperience).

Would you like to meet AIDA?  AIDA stands for Affective Intelligent Driving Agent, and its part of a new generation of GPS developed by Senseable City Lab.  SCL, affiliated with MIT, seeks to create real-time GPS navigation.  The recent development of captors associated with onboard, wired computers allows for new solutions that will change the way we interact with the city.  AIDA is not some prerecorded voice, giving instructions to an already planned-out route—AIDA is living, intelligent and sensitive.  It records and analyzes your regular trips, including your favorite neighborhoods and your interests.  It analyzes the interior and exterior of the moving vehicle.  Much like Tivo, it can even offer special routes that pass by recommended areas according to interests or to social networks.  Imagine that you’re driving in the direction of a museum and one of your friends left a comment on your iPhone Senseable application concerning a restaurant you happen to be passing.  AIDA reads the post out loud!  Maybe you want to put the address into your “favorites”?  AIDA has been thought of as a fun traveling companion.  AIDA watches you, speaks to you, smiles and records your movements. Caress AIDA and it will give you the address for a photo exhibition—it knows you like photography because it saw you listed photography as an interest on Facebook!

Sweet, isn’t it?

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo3AUaR7YHw&feature=player_embedded [/youtube]

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